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    Brandon G.

    Smooth, warm, and informative - perfect for authentic sounding copy.

    • Home Depot
      announcer, authoritative, confident, friendly, genuine, upbeat
    • Duracell
      announcer, authoritative, confident, edgy, hard-sell, high-energy, upbeat
    • Murder Mystery
      announcer, authoritative, biting, Deep Voice, ominous, storyteller
    • Speedster
      African American, announcer, confident, cool, smooth, upbeat
    • Digital Asset Management
      African American, announcer, authoritative, confident, corporate, Deep Voice, informative, mellow, professional, promo, smooth, soft-spoken, sophisticated, technical, thoughtful, warm
    • Body Building
      announcer, authoritative, confident, edgy, gritty, high-energy, promo, retail, upbeat
    • News Promo
      African American, announcer, high-energy, imaging, newscaster, promo, upbeat
    • Sports Documentary
      announcer, authoritative, Booming, Deep Voice, informative, narrative, ominous, storyteller
    • Is this the year?
      African American, announcer, cool, folksy, friendly, genuine, guy-next-door, mellow, sincere, smooth, soft-spoken, thoughtful, warm
    • St Louis Auto Show
      announcer, confident, cool, high-energy, promo, retail, upbeat
    • Ballot Issue
      African American, announcer, authoritative, confident, Deep Voice, generation-x, genuine, hip-hop, informative, political, promo, serious, sincere, smooth
    • Child's Potential
      African American, announcer, caring, confident, friendly, genuine, Gravitas, inspirational, motivational, serious, sincere, smooth, thoughtful, upbeat, warm
    • College
      African American, announcer, conversational, Deep Voice, friendly, genuine, informative, inspirational, motivational, sincere, upbeat, young
    • Political
      announcer, antagonistic, attitude, Deep Voice, political, serious
    • Brandon G - Showcase

    Tamara W

    Tamara is winning in the All-Around competition by being compelling, concerned, motherly, and smooth all by the same voice talent.


    Ray R.

    Trusting, friendly guy next door.


    Teito L.

    Teito has an every man's voice. Great for retail or friend next door, he delivers a genuine take on any project.


    Charles F.

    Your friendly guy next door.

    • Summer Vacation
      announcer, confident, friendly, hard-sell, high-energy, upbeat, young adult
    • Home Run
      authoritative, edgy, gravelly, informative, storyteller
    • Politics
      announcer, attitude, authoritative, biting, gritty, impression, informative, political, tough
    • Emergency Room
      anti-announcer, confessional, conversational, friendly, genuine, guy-next-door, real, sincere, storyteller
    • Valentines
      cocky, confident, cool, romantic, sexy
    • MTV
      announcer, friendly, guy-next-door, informative, promo
    • Charles F Showcase Demo

    Linda M.

    Caring mother or grandmother with a unique vocal quality.


    Kirsten B.

    Kirsten has a wonderful raspy voice that offers caring, informative reads. But don't be fooled, she can deliver on high-energy, as well!

    • Healthcare
      African American, caring, confessional, genuine, middle-age, midlife, raspy, real, sincere
    • Who Are You
      attitude, authoritative, confident, raspy
    • Art
      classy, middle-age, sincere, soft-spoken, sophisticated, storyteller, thoughtful, warm
    • Promotional Rate
      African American, compelling, friendly, promo, raspy
    • Baby
      announcer, caring, genuine, homespun, mother, sincere, sweet, thoughtful, warm
    • Politics
      African American, announcer, attitude, authoritative, biting, edgy, Gravitas, gritty, political, serious, tough
    • Us
      caring, compelling, friendly, genuine, inspirational, mellow, middle-age, sincere, warm
    • Kirsten B Showcase Demo

    Cindy N.

    Simple and unpretentious Cindy's voice accents anything that needs warmth, caring and sincerity.

    • Earthlink
      anti-announcer, corporate, friendly, informative, Midwest, neutral, promo, retail, smooth
    • Medical Care
      announcer, anti-announcer, caring, genuine, midlife, Midwest, mother, real, serious
    • Turning Leaf
      classy, folksy, mellow, midlife, raspy, real, sexy, smooth, sophisticated
    • Whole Grain Cereal
      anti-announcer, caring, mellow, nostalgic, sincere, upbeat, warm
    • Infiniti M
      attitude, confident, cool, mellow, midlife, ominous
    • Drink And Drive
      announcer, authoritative, Gravitas, real, serious, sincere, smooth, tough
    • Sweet White Corn
      friendly, genuine, mellow, middle-age, midlife, smooth, warm
    • 2015 Political Showcase
      authoritative, concerned, confident, conversational, friendly, informative, political, soft-spoken, thoughtful, warm
    • Cindy N Showcase Demo

    Michael W.

    Authoritative yet Friendly. Mature yet Upbeat. Great tone and Great range.

    • Reverse Mortgage
      announcer, friendly, genuine, smooth, warm
    • JP Morgan
      announcer, compelling, confident, corporate, genuine, gravelly, Gravitas, inspirational, mature, professional, sincere, smooth
    • Boot Hill Casino
      announcer, high-energy, upbeat
    • Lux Row Distillers
      announcer, authoritative, confident, corporate, gravelly, gritty
    • Immigrants
      announcer, compelling, genuine, Gravitas, inspirational, sincere, thoughtful
    • Anderson Light
      compelling, conversational, genuine, grandfather, gravelly, Gravitas, guy-next-door, mature, mellow, real, smooth, thoughtful, warm
    • Readers Digest
      announcer, confident, friendly, genuine, retail, upbeat
    • Michael W - Political
      announcer, antagonistic, attitude, authoritative, Booming, compelling, confident, gravelly, Gravitas, political, serious, sincere, tough
    • Michael W - Showcase Demo

    Melissa C.

    From sweet to sincere and back again - Melissa has an energy all her own and one of those voices that makes you say, "That's it!"

    • Car Ride!
      animated, character, humorous, perky, upbeat
    • Women's Health Care
      caring, classy, concerned, informative, motivational, sincere
    • Uniqlo
      announcer, authoritative, confident, professional, retail, upbeat
    • Learning Fun
      friendly, homespun, sincere, sweet
    • To Dream
      ominous, serious, thoughtful, younger
    • Political
      genuine, informative, motivational, political, serious, warm
    • Party Girl
      animated, attitude, cocky, generation-x, upbeat
    • Before Their Eyes
      friendly, fuzzy, genuine, girl-next-door, younger
    • Showcase Demo

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