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    Cathy Rae P.

    Simply amazing, classic, strong, loveable, mature, heartfelt and full of life.


    Tim P.

    Wow! Tim has a smooth, yet authoritative voice coupled with years of experience.

    • Fishing Boat
      folksy, friendly, genuine, gravelly, guy-next-door, homespun, real, sincere, warm
    • Bistro and Wine Bar
      classy, mellow, romantic, smooth, sophisticated, warm
    • Turkey Tips
      friendly, genuine, guy-next-door, holiday, homespun, sincere
    • Luxury Automotive
      announcer, classy, mellow, smooth
    • Season Tickets
      animated, announcer, authoritative, gravelly, hard-sell, high-energy, sportscaster, upbeat
    • What if?
      anti-announcer, cool, friendly, genuine, mellow, smooth, thoughtful, warm
    • High Speed Internet
      announcer, hard-sell, high-energy, retail, upbeat
    • Police Officers
      antagonistic, attitude, authoritative, biting, gravelly, gritty, ominous, serious, tough
    • Human Resources
      announcer, friendly, genuine
    • Children's Hospital
      announcer, caring, friendly, fuzzy, genuine, mellow, nurse, sincere, smooth, soft-spoken, thoughtful, warm
    • Cash for Grub
      country, cowboy, folksy, gravelly, gritty, mellow, smooth, southern, storyteller
    • Political
      country, friendly, genuine, gravelly, homespun, political, southern, storyteller
    • The Voice Inside Your Head
      antagonistic, attitude, authoritative, gritty, tough
    • Officer McNabb
      antagonistic, authoritative, cocky, gritty, guy-next-door, midlife, pompous, real, serious, sincere, tough
    • Showcase Demo

    Jan C.

    Mid-range, narrative type, spokeswoman, warm and friendly to older, mature.

    • A Challenging Journey
      announcer, attitude, caring, classy, compelling, confident, informative, inspirational, middle-age, midlife, motivational, promo, sincere, smooth, tough, warm
    • Her Heart
      caring, compelling, concerned, conversational, friendly, genuine, mellow, middle-age, midlife, mother, nurse, real, serious, sincere, smooth, soft-spoken, sweet, thoughtful, warm
    • CD-ROM
      authoritative, corporate, informative, mature, middle-age, midlife, motivational, narrative, neutral, professional, serious, technical
    • Day on the Beach
      classy, cool, fuzzy, mellow, middle-age, midlife, narrative, raspy, sexy, smooth, soft-spoken, sophisticated, storyteller, thoughtful, warm
    • Hall Auto
      announcer, authoritative, bravado, executive, gritty, informative, motivational, narrative, newscaster, political, promo, serious, sophisticated, sportscaster, street-interview, tough
    • Medical
      authoritative, confident, corporate, informative, professional, technical
    • Helping Himself
      announcer, authoritative, biting, gritty, homespun, informative, inspirational, political, serious, sincere, tough, warm
    • Elephants
      anti-announcer, caring, compelling, concerned, conversational, genuine, real, sincere, storyteller
    • Children of Abuse
      compelling, concerned, genuine, informative, real, serious, sincere, thoughtful
    • Surgery
      anti-announcer, confessional, midlife, real, sincere, storyteller, warm
    • Romance Mystery
      edgy, impression, sexy, sophisticated, storyteller
    • Health Problems
      caring, character, concerned, conversational, genuine, grandmother, mature, older, sincere, soft-spoken, storyteller, sweet, thoughtful, warm
    • Holdup
      antagonistic, attitude, authoritative, biting, Booming, bravado, character, crazy, drill-sergeant, edgy, extreme, gravelly, Gravitas, gritty, grouchy, middle-age, midlife, oddball, tough
      classy, confident, mature, mellow, middle-age, midlife, professional, smooth, sophisticated
    • Cancer Awareness
      caring, concerned, confessional, conversational, genuine, mature, middle-age, midlife, real, soft-spoken, thoughtful, warm
    • Wake Up Call
      animated, character, country, friendly, southern, upbeat
    • Every Halloween
      animated, cartoon, character, fortuneteller, grandmother, gravelly, grouchy, holiday, kooky
    • Jan C Showcase Demo

    Nathan B

    Young and casual voice that is authentic and relatable.

    • Great Clips
      announcer, conversational, friendly, guy-next-door, informative, mellow, millennial, upbeat
    • Water Filter
      animated, announcer, cocky, humorous, kooky, pompous
    • Visa
      announcer, humorous, kooky, oddball, storyteller, upbeat
    • Story of Your Life
      animated, compelling, friendly, imaging, inspirational, narrative, storyteller, thoughtful, upbeat, warm
    • Persistance
      announcer, compelling, inspirational, motivational, political, storyteller, thoughtful, warm
    • Paint Color
      announcer, conversational, friendly, mellow, millennial, neutral, real, storyteller, surfer-dude, warm
    • Little Ceasar's
      animated, attitude, confident, high-energy, pompous, promo, upbeat
    • Health Care
      announcer, caring, compelling, concerned, genuine, informative, inspirational, mellow, neutral, professional, serious, warm
    • NathanB-ShowcaseDemo

    Eva L.

    Full-bodied, a little sexy, and comforting, Eva is sure to bring a pure British accent to any of your voice over needs.

    • Well Bred
      animated, british, elitist, ominous, social-snob, sophisticated, storyteller
    • Unique
      british, concerned, confident, genuine, informative, mature, retail, sincere, sophisticated, technical
    • Steven O'brien
      british, concerned, informative, newscaster, ominous, political, real, serious, sincere
    • 3M- Global
      british, caring, corporate, executive, pompous, professional, sophisticated
    • Human Stories
      accented English, british, caring, corporate, inspirational, motivational, sophisticated
    • Galaxies
      accented English, announcer, classy, compelling, confident, friendly, genuine, informative, inspirational, mellow, midlife, narrative, smooth, sophisticated
    • Eva L Showcase
    Foreign Language: 

    Allison J.

    Allison can be the girl next door or the total professional. She can do it all.

    • CentruyLink
      caring, concerned, conversational, folksy, friendly, genuine, homespun, inspirational, mother, real, sweet, thoughtful
    • Riverwind
      announcer, friendly, hard-sell, high-energy, perky, promo, retail, upbeat
    • A Moment
      compelling, concerned, Gravitas, mature, ominous, political, serious, thoughtful
    • Landmark CU
      announcer, caring, classy, confessional, conversational, genuine, mature, mother, motivational, professional, real, sincere, thoughtful
    • Power of Connection
      announcer, authoritative, confident, corporate, executive, Gravitas, informative, inspirational, mature, motivational, professional, serious, technical, thoughtful
    • Great Northwest
      attitude, confident, holiday, humorous, real
    • Allison J Showcase

    Cam "Buzz" B.

    From the friendly voice kids love to hear, to the over-the-top sports announcer… and everything in between. Cam can do it all… really, he can!!!


    Erin S.

    Erin brings real sensibilities and energy to the booth!

    • Pacific Beach
      anti-announcer, confident, friendly, genuine, girl-next-door, high-energy, millennial, perky, promo, upbeat
    • Hair Care
      announcer, confident, promo, real, retail
    • Be A Kid
      caring, compelling, genuine, inspirational, mother, real, warm
    • Button Down Shirt
      cocky, conversational, cool, girl-next-door, millennial, real
    • Born to Build
      compelling, confident, Gravitas, motivational, professional, thoughtful
    • Easy Fit
      anti-announcer, bravado, confident, motivational, promo, real
    • NICU
      anti-announcer, caring, concerned, genuine, Gravitas, mother, serious
    • Not A Drill
      announcer, authoritative, biting, compelling, Gravitas, political, serious, tough
    • Showcase Demo

    Madi P.

    An authentic teen voice with the polish to give you that big market sound

    • Workout
      announcer, attitude, compelling, confident, friendly, girl-next-door, high-energy, informative, promo, upbeat, young adult
    • Virtual Village
      caring, compelling, friendly, genuine, inspirational, millennial, young adult
    • Path to Success
      compelling, confident, girl-next-door, promo, real, sincere, young adult
    • Small Business
      caring, compelling, concerned, conversational, genuine, informative, inspirational, political, sincere, thoughtful, young adult
    • Peer Pressure
      caring, concerned, genuine, sincere, teenager, warm
    • Fall Fashion
      announcer, kid-next-door, perky, promo, real, retail, sweet, teenager, upbeat
    • Care Today
      caring, concerned, cool, friendly, mellow, real, serious, smooth
    • Bunker
      anti-announcer, informative, narrative, storyteller
    • Showcase Demo

    Eric J.

    A deep, warm and comforting voice.

    • Fall
      African American, compelling, Deep Voice, friendly, impression, storyteller, warm
    • MetLife
      authoritative, caring, concerned, conversational, Deep Voice, genuine, grandfather, gravelly, midlife, older, real, sincere, thoughtful
    • Mobile Mover
      corporate, informative
    • Cancer
      anti-announcer, conversational, friendly, genuine, inspirational, middle-age, midlife, real, sincere, storyteller, thoughtful, warm
    • Unlimited
      announcer, bravado, caring, informative, middle-age, midlife, promo
    • Champions
      authoritative, compelling, confident, father, friendly, Gravitas, inspirational, motivational, preacher, professional, real
    • Mayor
      African American, authoritative, biting, concerned, Gravitas, political, serious, tough
    • US Postal Service
      announcer, middle-age, midlife, promo
    • Eric J Showcase Demo

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