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    Bobby O.

    A dynamic talent with incredible range! From serious to hilarious or guy next door to announcer, Bobby can do it all!

    • Yamaha
      announcer, confident, edgy, extreme, gritty, hard-sell, high-energy, promo, upbeat
    • DigitalCable
      anti-announcer, attitude, cocky, confident, cool, edgy, hipster, millennial, young adult
    • Free Falling
      animated, anti-announcer, character, crazy, extreme, genuine, guy-next-door, high-energy, humorous, kooky, millennial, perky, real, upbeat, younger, young adult
    • Jewelry Experts
      announcer, anti-announcer, caring, classy, compelling, conversational, friendly, mellow, raspy, romantic, sincere, smooth, sweet, thoughtful, warm
    • Gate
      announcer, attitude, authoritative, biting, cocky, confident, edgy, gritty, tough, upbeat
    • Healthcare Needs
      announcer, confident, cool, friendly, genuine, guy-next-door, mellow, real, retail, sincere, younger, young adult
    • Music Industry
      announcer, authoritative, compelling, confident, informative, younger
    • Student Loans
      anti-announcer, compelling, concerned, inspirational, sincere, thoughtful
    • Meal Deal
      conversational, guy-next-door, real, sincere, upbeat
    • Techology
      announcer, anti-announcer, confident, corporate, friendly, informative, inspirational, long form, narrative, professional, sincere, technical, young adult
    • The Realm
      announcer, character, compelling, confident, conversational, deadpan, Gravitas, narrative, ominous, serious, soft-spoken, storyteller, worldly
    • Political
      announcer, anti-announcer, authoritative, confident, conversational, friendly, informative, political, real, young adult
    • Cancer Discovery
      confident, genuine, Gravitas, inspirational, narrative, ominous, professional, serious, sincere, smooth, soft-spoken, storyteller, thoughtful, warm
    • Business
      anti-announcer, conversational, genuine, informative, real, wimp, young adult
    • Political Demo
      announcer, antagonistic, anti-announcer, compelling, concerned, conversational, friendly, genuine, guy-next-door, political, real, young adult
    • Bobby O - Showcase

    Greg E.

    Greg is the everyday guy, your best friend, brother, coworker, and dad. He has a great sincerity to his voice. He can also add a little edge and push into those GenX and movie trailer reads.


    Rosi A.

    From tugging your heartstrings to blowing you away with the latest offer, Rosi's got range!

    • Commercial Reel - Spanish
      announcer, anti-announcer, authoritative, classy, confident, foreign-language, friendly, high-energy, mother, professional, promo, real, sincere, spanish-showcase, sweet, thoughtful, upbeat
    • Corporate Narration - Spanish
      authoritative, confident, corporate, foreign-language, informative, professional, sincere, spanish-showcase
    • Commercial Reel - English
      accented English, announcer, anti-announcer, authoritative, compelling, confident, english-showcase, genuine, professional, promo, real, sincere, upbeat
    • Corporate Narration - English
      authoritative, caring, compelling, confident, english-showcase, friendly, genuine, informative, narrative, professional, Straight Forward
    • Accented English
      accented English, anti-announcer, authoritative, confident, conversational, english-showcase, friendly, genuine, mellow, mother, narrative, real, sincere, storyteller, upbeat, worldly
    • eLearning - Spanish
      authoritative, confident, corporate, foreign-language, informative, mellow, narrative, professional, Matter of Fact, Straight Forward
    • eLearning - English
      authoritative, confident, corporate, english-showcase, informative, mellow, narrative, professional, Matter of Fact, Straight Forward
    • Audio Tour - Spanish
      classy, compelling, foreign-language, informative, long form, narrative, spanish-dialect
    • Audio Tour - English
      accented English, classy, compelling, informative, long form, narrative, serious
    • Political Reel - Spanish
      foreign-language, political, spanish-showcase
    • Political Reel - English & Spanish
      english-showcase, political, spanish-showcase
    • Puerto Rican Dialect Showcase
    • Showcase Demo - Spanish
    Foreign Language: 

    Adam A.

    From smooth and warm to upbeat and Gen-X, Adam does it all. Thoughtful, warm and friendly. That's Adam.

    • Cabela's Northern Flight
      announcer, anti-announcer, authoritative, compelling, confident, conversational, cool, country, folksy, Gravitas, gritty
    • Value City Furniture
      announcer, confident, high-energy, promo, retail, upbeat, young adult
    • Dunkin
      announcer, confident, folksy, friendly, genuine, homespun, mature, real, thoughtful, young adult
    • Car Insurance
      attitude, confident, generation-x, millennial, real, upbeat
    • Political-Big Dreamer
      announcer, compelling, concerned, confessional, confident, conversational, cool, folksy, guy-next-door, inspirational, political
    • Political-Born Leader
      announcer, authoritative, confident, conversational, folksy, genuine, Gravitas, political
    • Political-Wendell for State Treasurer
      announcer, attitude, authoritative, compelling, confident, political
    • Financial Assistance
      announcer, compelling, concerned, confessional, confident, conversational, informative, mature, professional, serious, sincere, sophisticated, thoughtful
    • Simplicity Healthcare
      announcer, classy, compelling, concerned, confident, conversational, corporate, genuine, inspirational, motivational, professional, sincere, thoughtful
    • Planet Fitness
      announcer, bravado, confident, high-energy, motivational, promo, retail, upbeat, young adult
    • Public Transit
      confident, conversational, folksy, friendly, informative, real, sincere, storyteller
    • Chattanooga Tourism
      compelling, confident, conversational, folksy, friendly, genuine, homespun, informative, inspirational, Midwest, narrative, sincere, thoughtful, warm, young adult
    • Showcase-Adam A

    Gerry G.

    Gerry's smooth voices will add an air of sophistication to any project. But if you want him to dial it up, then get ready!

    • Corporate Power
      announcer, attitude, authoritative, classy, compelling, confident, motivational, sophisticated, thoughtful, warm, worldly
    • Kind of Man To Be
      announcer, conversational, cool, friendly, jazzy, mature, raspy, real, sophisticated, warm
    • McDonalds
      announcer, friendly, retro, young adult
    • Bakery Fresh
      announcer, friendly, guy-next-door, homespun, mature, real, retail, upbeat
    • Go Houston
      announcer, friendly, genuine, real
    • VH1-The Who
      attitude, edgy, gritty, imaging, raspy
    • Lottery-Political
      announcer, concerned, confident, political
    • Toys
      announcer, authoritative, classy, compelling, gritty, imaging, inspirational, movie-trailer, thoughtful
    • Toyota
      authoritative, conversational, sincere, storyteller, thoughtful
    • Honda
      announcer, cool, edgy, gritty, motivational, serious, thoughtful
    • Banking Story
      announcer, friendly, guy-next-door, humorous, narrative, sincere, warm
    • Grand Am Road Racing
      announcer, attitude, edgy, gritty, sportscaster, tough
    • Cox Cable
      announcer, friendly, real, upbeat
    • TLC-Intimate Universe
      announcer, compelling, edgy, imaging, middle-age, movie-trailer, warm
    • Gerry G - Political Demo.mp3
      announcer, political
    • Gerry G Showcase

    Brandon G.

    Smooth, warm, and informative - perfect for authentic sounding copy.

    • Home Depot
      announcer, authoritative, confident, friendly, genuine, upbeat
    • Duracell
      announcer, authoritative, confident, edgy, hard-sell, high-energy, upbeat
    • Murder Mystery
      announcer, authoritative, biting, Deep Voice, ominous, storyteller
    • Speedster
      African American, announcer, confident, cool, smooth, upbeat
    • Digital Asset Management
      African American, announcer, authoritative, confident, corporate, Deep Voice, informative, mellow, professional, promo, smooth, soft-spoken, sophisticated, technical, thoughtful, warm
    • Body Building
      announcer, authoritative, confident, edgy, gritty, high-energy, promo, retail, upbeat
    • News Promo
      African American, announcer, high-energy, imaging, newscaster, promo, upbeat
    • Sports Documentary
      announcer, authoritative, Booming, Deep Voice, informative, narrative, ominous, storyteller
    • Is this the year?
      African American, announcer, cool, folksy, friendly, genuine, guy-next-door, mellow, sincere, smooth, soft-spoken, thoughtful, warm
    • St Louis Auto Show
      announcer, confident, cool, high-energy, promo, retail, upbeat
    • Ballot Issue
      African American, announcer, authoritative, confident, Deep Voice, generation-x, genuine, hip-hop, informative, political, promo, serious, sincere, smooth
    • Child's Potential
      African American, announcer, caring, confident, friendly, genuine, Gravitas, inspirational, motivational, serious, sincere, smooth, thoughtful, upbeat, warm
    • College
      African American, announcer, conversational, Deep Voice, friendly, genuine, informative, inspirational, motivational, sincere, upbeat, young
    • Political
      announcer, antagonistic, attitude, Deep Voice, political, serious
    • Brandon G - Showcase

    Anjuli C.


    Anjuli has a sweet down to earth approach with great style.

    • Diapers
      anti-announcer, conversational, genuine, humorous, mother
    • Momentum
      anti-announcer, classy, imaging, informative, smooth, sophisticated
    • Corner Grocery
      announcer, confident, friendly, high-energy, perky, promo, retail, upbeat
    • Horizon
      anti-announcer, authoritative, compelling, Gravitas, mellow, millennial, real, sincere
    • Breakfast
      anti-announcer, attitude, conversational, mother, promo, raspy
    • College as Parents
      anti-announcer, confident, friendly, genuine, mother, perky, sincere, upbeat
    • Joy of Reading
      compelling, inspirational, mellow, sweet, warm
    • Iced Tea
      edgy, high-energy, kooky, promo, upbeat
    • Daily Burn
      cocky, confident, girl-next-door, promo
    • Waffler
      friendly, humorous, sincere, younger
    • Restless Sea
      biting, sincere, sweet, warm
    • Flip Stand
      girl-next-door, informative, millennial, narrative, real, retail, sincere, sweet, warm, younger
    • Underhanded
      biting, impression, motivational, political, sincere, sweet, warm
    • Political Reel
      english-showcase, political
    • Showcase Demo

    Charles F.

    Your friendly guy next door.

    • Summer Vacation
      announcer, confident, friendly, hard-sell, high-energy, upbeat, young adult
    • Home Run
      authoritative, edgy, gravelly, informative, storyteller
    • Politics
      announcer, attitude, authoritative, biting, gritty, impression, informative, political, tough
    • Emergency Room
      anti-announcer, confessional, conversational, friendly, genuine, guy-next-door, real, sincere, storyteller
    • Valentines
      cocky, confident, cool, romantic, sexy
    • MTV
      announcer, friendly, guy-next-door, informative, promo
    • Charles F Showcase Demo

    Linda M.

    Caring mother or grandmother with a unique vocal quality.


    Kirsten B.

    Kirsten has a wonderful raspy voice that offers caring, informative reads. But don't be fooled, she can deliver on high-energy, as well!

    • Healthcare
      African American, caring, confessional, genuine, middle-age, midlife, raspy, real, sincere
    • Who Are You
      attitude, authoritative, confident, raspy
    • Art
      classy, middle-age, sincere, soft-spoken, sophisticated, storyteller, thoughtful, warm
    • Promotional Rate
      African American, compelling, friendly, promo, raspy
    • Baby
      announcer, caring, genuine, homespun, mother, sincere, sweet, thoughtful, warm
    • Politics
      African American, announcer, attitude, authoritative, biting, edgy, Gravitas, gritty, political, serious, tough
    • Us
      caring, compelling, friendly, genuine, inspirational, mellow, middle-age, sincere, warm
    • Kirsten B Showcase Demo

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