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    Greg B.

    From dynamic reads with a gritty edge to warm and caring narrations with that deep tone, Greg has a wide range and can deliver what you need.

    • Kia
      announcer, friendly
    • Blue Moon
      announcer, compelling, Gravitas
    • Claritin
      announcer, authoritative, caring, compelling, confident, friendly, inspirational, warm
    • Oscar Meyer
      announcer, authoritative, compelling, friendly, professional
    • Fabreeze
      announcer, attitude, classy, compelling, confessional, confident, Gravitas, storyteller
    • Honda
      announcer, authoritative, caring, compelling, confident, conversational, folksy, friendly, inspirational
    • Goldfish Crackers
      announcer, caring, father, folksy, friendly, guy-next-door, Midwest
    • Political Reel
      english-showcase, political
    • Showcase Demo

    Jay G.

    This young and distinctive voice will bring credibility and gravitas to your project.


    Duke M.

    Duke has those super DEEP tones that will make your spot sing.

    • Airline
      announcer, authoritative, Booming, classy, confident, Deep Voice, gravelly, Gravitas, gritty, mature, middle-age, midlife
    • Audi
      announcer, authoritative, Booming, bravado, confident, cool, Deep Voice, edgy, gravelly, Gravitas, mature, middle-age, movie-trailer, tough
    • Auto Dealerships
      announcer, attitude, authoritative, biting, Booming, gravelly, gritty, hard-sell, promo, tough
    • Advanced Hospitals
      caring, Deep Voice, friendly, mature, middle-age, midlife, warm
    • Big and Rich
      announcer, attitude, confident, Deep Voice, edgy, gravelly, Gravitas, gritty, hard-sell, mature, middle-age, midlife, promo
    • Golden Corral
      announcer, authoritative, cool, country, Deep Voice, folksy, friendly, genuine, gravelly, Gravitas, gritty, warm
    • Political Reel
      english-showcase, political
    • Sharpie
      announcer, Booming, bravado, cocky, cool, Deep Voice, edgy, gravelly, Gravitas, gritty, mature, middle-age, midlife, tough
    • Showcase Demo

    Bob T.

    Deep and textured, Bob's voice commands attention. He'll interpret your copy with sizzle or subtle salesmanship.


    Gerry G.

    Gerry's smooth voices will add an air of sophistication to any project. But if you want him to dial it up, then get ready!

    • Corporate Power
      announcer, attitude, authoritative, classy, compelling, confident, motivational, sophisticated, thoughtful, warm, worldly
    • Kind of Man To Be
      announcer, conversational, cool, friendly, jazzy, mature, raspy, real, sophisticated, warm
    • McDonalds
      announcer, friendly, retro, young adult
    • Bakery Fresh
      announcer, friendly, guy-next-door, homespun, mature, real, retail, upbeat
    • Go Houston
      announcer, friendly, genuine, real
    • VH1-The Who
      attitude, edgy, gritty, imaging, raspy
    • Lottery-Political
      announcer, concerned, confident, political
    • Toys
      announcer, authoritative, classy, compelling, gritty, imaging, inspirational, movie-trailer, thoughtful
    • Toyota
      authoritative, conversational, sincere, storyteller, thoughtful
    • Honda
      announcer, cool, edgy, gritty, motivational, serious, thoughtful
    • Banking Story
      announcer, friendly, guy-next-door, humorous, narrative, sincere, warm
    • Grand Am Road Racing
      announcer, attitude, edgy, gritty, sportscaster, tough
    • Cox Cable
      announcer, friendly, real, upbeat
    • TLC-Intimate Universe
      announcer, compelling, edgy, imaging, middle-age, movie-trailer, warm
    • Gerry G - Political Demo.mp3
      announcer, political
    • Gerry G Showcase

    Joshua N.

    An actor at heart, Joshua creates unforgettable characters and speaks with youthful authority.


    Dude W.

    A signature spokesperson, Dude drives the listeners to your branding message.


    Brent K.

    Brent's reassuring midlife to older reads give you a great feeling of confidence, that is until he throws one of his wacky character reads at you!


    Ruben C.

    Ruben is a multi-talented Voice Over Artist. He can drive home the hard sell or convey sincerity and compassion. A one stop talent for Spanish language voice over.

    Foreign Language: 

    Henry Z.

    Henry brings energy to your spots with his commanding voice and his tender side is sure to pull on the heartstrings of your audience.

    • TV Promo FOX 5
      announcer, attitude, authoritative, foreign-language, informative, promo, spanish-showcase, upbeat
    • Movie Trailer
      announcer, foreign, foreign-language, middle-age, ominous, promo, serious
    • Heart
      accented English, caring, conversational, friendly, genuine, inspirational, real, sincere, thoughtful, warm
    • Reggae Concert
      announcer, attitude, authoritative, Booming, bravado, confident, foreign, foreign-language, hard-sell, high-energy, spanish-showcase
    • Something Fresh
      accented English, caring, compelling, concerned, confident, conversational, genuine, inspirational, political, sincere
    • Video Game Promo
      announcer, attitude, foreign-language, hard-sell, promo
    • Health Care
      caring, foreign-language, friendly, informative, promo
    • Receipt Sync
      accented English, friendly, informative, professional, upbeat, warm
    • Soccer
      announcer, authoritative, Gravitas
    • Drugs
      anti-announcer, concerned, confessional, father, foreign-language, genuine, middle-age, midlife, real, serious, sincere, spanish-showcase
    • Creatures of the Sea
      attitude, authoritative, foreign-language, Gravitas, gritty, promo, serious
    • Path to Success
      accented English, attitude, conversational, guy-next-door, young adult
    • Law Firm Spanish
      announcer, foreign, foreign-language, informative, professional
    • Radio Imaging
      announcer, authoritative, biting, Booming, bravado
    • Law Firm English
      accented, accented English, announcer, caring, corporate, informative, professional
    • Family Expo
      announcer, confident
    • NFL Radio
      accented, accented English, announcer, attitude, authoritative, confident, hard-sell, promo
    • Henry Z Showcase Demo
      accented, accented English, english-showcase, foreign-language, spanish-dialect, spanish-showcase
    • Henry Z Spanish Showcase Demo
      accented, accented English, announcer, bravado, compelling, confident, foreign-language, hard-sell, high-energy, informative, promo, spanish-showcase, upbeat
    Foreign Language: 

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