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    Marty M

    A chameleon when it comes to voices giving you exactly what you want when you need it.

    • Tibet
      cartoon, confident, conversational, cool, folksy, friendly, genuine, informative, mellow, motivational, narrative, soft-spoken, storyteller, warm, worldly
    • Characters
      animated, anti-announcer, attitude, authoritative, cartoon, character, confident, cool, crazy, elitist, executive, extreme, friendly, Gravitas, high-energy, humorous, impression, kooky, oddball, perky, upbeat
    • Cinerama
      announcer, bravado, compelling, confident, conversational, friendly, high-energy, informative, inspirational, long form, motivational, narrative, nostalgic, perky, pompous, promo, smooth, sophisticated, storyteller, upbeat
    • Asteroid
      announcer, authoritative, Booming, bravado, compelling, confident, edgy, Gravitas, informative, motivational, movie-trailer, narrative, ominous, pompous, promo, serious, smooth, sophisticated, storyteller
    • Dorothy Lynch
      anti-announcer, conversational, cool, father, guy-next-door, high-energy, informative, middle-age, midlife, upbeat
    • Dry Eyes
      announcer, caring, confident, cool, friendly, Gravitas, hard-sell, high-energy, informative, motivational, perky, upbeat
    • How to Drive
      anti-announcer, attitude, caring, cocky, confident, conversational, edgy, friendly, Gravitas, gritty, guy-next-door, hard-sell, high-energy, informative, midlife, motivational, sincere, thoughtful, upbeat
    • Power Of the Sun
      antagonistic, anti-announcer, attitude, authoritative, biting, Booming, bravado, cocky, confident, Deep Voice, edgy, extreme, friendly, gritty, hard-sell, high-energy, informative, motivational, raspy, surfer-dude, tough, upbeat
    • 100 Percent
      anti-announcer, attitude, bravado, caring, cocky, compelling, concerned, confident, conversational, cool, deadpan, edgy, elitist, friendly, generation-x, genuine, gravelly, Gravitas, gritty, guy-next-door, hard-sell, high-energy, hipster, informative, inspirational, mature, mellow, millennial, motivational, narrative, ominous, perky, raspy, real, retail, serious, sincere, smooth, soft-spoken, sophisticated, tough, upbeat, warm
    • Marty M Showcase

    William W.

    William has a wide range of skills to handle technical medical scripts as well as out of this world character reads. He can provide the perfect voice for your next campaign.


    Harrison V.

    Great teen and younger adult voice - attitudinal, caring, slightly raspy, Harrison covers it all.

    • McDonald's
      animated, announcer, attitude, confident, cool, millennial, promo, retail, teenager, upbeat, younger, young adult
    • Seaworld
      Booming, confident, hard-sell, high-energy, promo, upbeat, young adult
    • College
      cool, genuine, guy-next-door, promo, young, young adult
    • After The Virus
      attitude, authoritative, bravado, compelling, concerned, confident, cool, edgy, Gravitas, millennial, narrative, ominous, serious, storyteller, teenager, tough, young adult
    • Cyber Attack
      announcer, authoritative, compelling, concerned, corporate, Gravitas, informative, millennial, narrative, ominous, professional, serious, teenager, thoughtful, tough, young adult
    • The West Is Filled WIth Adventure
      compelling, confessional, confident, cool, inspirational, millennial, motivational, narrative, storyteller, teenager, thoughtful, young adult
    • Environmental Science
      authoritative, confident, corporate, informative, millennial, narrative, professional, young adult
    • A New Career
      authoritative, informative, millennial, motivational, real, teenager, upbeat, young adult
    • What Are You Waiting For??
      animated, authoritative, confident, cool, hard-sell, high-energy, millennial, teenager, upbeat, younger, young adult
    • Showcase Demo

    Onalysa F.

    Smooth, rich texture with great range.

    • Sunsational
      announcer, friendly, perky, sincere, upbeat
    • Cold Stone
      announcer, conversational, mellow, raspy, romantic, sexy, smooth, storyteller, sweet, thoughtful, warm
    • Nicest Place
      anti-announcer, compelling, conversational, friendly, genuine, girl-next-door, inspirational, raspy, smooth, storyteller, sweet, thoughtful, warm
    • Popeyes
      announcer, humorous, upbeat
    • Blue Cross
      announcer, caring, concerned, conversational, friendly, genuine, girl-next-door, inspirational, mellow, motivational, sincere, smooth, thoughtful, warm
    • Brooklyn Ladies
      announcer, fuzzy, genuine, informative, inspirational, motivational, sincere, storyteller, thoughtful, warm
    • 7-11
      African American, announcer, cool, humorous, real, upbeat, younger
    • Child Care
      announcer, caring, concerned, confident, friendly, genuine, informative, inspirational, motivational, sincere, warm
    • Showcase Demo

    Aubrey S.

    Aubrey's sweet and Innocent voice will capture the hearts of all. She also sings!


    David V.

    From warm and witty to dignified and distinguished, David has the skills to do it all and the voice to make sure your message is remembered.

    • Making Good
      accented, accented English, announcer, authoritative, british, conversational, executive, foreign, genuine, imaging, movie-trailer, narrative, sophisticated, storyteller, thoughtful, worldly
    • Naughty
      accented English, anti-announcer, british, character, humorous, jazzy, upbeat, worldly
    • Stars
      accented, accented English, announcer, antagonistic, attitude, authoritative, biting, bravado, british, promo, worldly
    • Massage
      accented English, anti-announcer, british, character, cool, humorous, mellow, oddball, smooth, soft-spoken, storyteller, thoughtful, worldly
    • Puddles
      accented, accented English, animated, anti-announcer, british, character, humorous, oddball, upbeat, worldly
    • Give Away
      accented, accented English, animated, announcer, british, friendly, genuine, informative, sincere, upbeat, warm, worldly
    • Tomorrow
      accented, accented English, anti-announcer, british, caring, cool, friendly, genuine, mellow, real, sincere, smooth, thoughtful, warm, worldly
    • Last Emperor
      accented, accented English, announcer, british, smooth, upbeat, warm, worldly
    • Research
      accented, accented English, anti-announcer, british, caring, friendly, genuine, upbeat, warm, worldly
    • Home
      accented, accented English, announcer, british, friendly, genuine, informative, mellow, smooth, warm, worldly
    • Pets
      accented, accented English, british, cool, folksy, foreign, perky, upbeat, worldly
    • Santa Claus
      accented, accented English, character, high-energy, kooky, worldly
    • Arthritis Pain
      accented, accented English, announcer, british, classy, sexy, worldly
    • Character Voices
      accented, accented English, animated, character, high-energy, humorous, kooky, worldly
    • Classical Music Masterpieces
      accented, accented English, announcer, british, classy, worldly
    • Christmas
      accented, accented English, announcer, british, classy, friendly, worldly
    • Lucky Christmas
      accented, accented English, announcer, bravado, british, holiday, motivational, narrative, worldly
    • Extreme World
      accented, accented English, announcer, british, conversational, Gravitas, imaging, worldly
    • Swiss Wine Week
      accented, accented English, anti-announcer, british, classy, friendly, worldly
    • UK Pension
      accented, accented English, anti-announcer, british, friendly, informative, worldly
    • Waterloo
      accented, accented English, announcer, british, informative, mellow, worldly
    • Finding A Home
      accented, accented English, announcer, british, caring, friendly, worldly
    • New Car
      accented, accented English, british, caring, conversational, cool, father, friendly, middle-age, midlife, narrative, sophisticated, storyteller, worldly
    • Orchestra
      accented, accented English, announcer, british, classy, informative, worldly
    • Pension
      accented, accented English, announcer, british, friendly, informative, worldly
    • Wireless Speakers
      accented, accented English, british, classy, informative, midlife, smooth, worldly
    • David V - Talent Showcase

    Ilja R.

    From confidant and authoritative to friendly and compelling tones; Ilja boasts both German and Spanish Foreign language's to compliment your next project.

    Foreign Language: 

    Paul K.


    A great actor who can portray any character you need and the consummate spokesperson with years of experience.

    • Here's To...
      anti-announcer, caring, compelling, conversational, folksy, friendly, genuine, homespun, imaging, narrative, nostalgic, real, storyteller
    • Queso
      anti-announcer, attitude, cocky, confident, extreme, fortuneteller, gritty, impression, informative, movie-trailer, oddball
    • Mrs. Fields
      anti-announcer, caring, character, compelling, Deep Voice, folksy, friendly, fuzzy, grandfather, homespun, inspirational, mature, mellow, nostalgic, retro, smooth, soft-spoken
    • Toyota
      announcer, attitude, authoritative, Booming, bravado, confident, hard-sell, professional, retail, sportscaster
    • King Of Rum
      authoritative, cool, edgy, gravelly, gritty, mature, Sam Elliott style, sexy
    • ZzQuil
      anti-announcer, caring, confessional, conversational, friendly, homespun, narrative, retail, soft-spoken
    • Buster
      conversational, friendly, fuzzy, genuine, guy-next-door, homespun, humorous, mellow, middle-age, real
    • Lacks Furniture
      character, confident, conversational, folksy, friendly, genuine, guy-next-door, homespun, humorous, promo, retail, storyteller
    • Long Days
      anti-announcer, folksy, homespun
    • Apples
      conversational, real, street-interview, upbeat, worldly
    • Toyota Great Deals
      anti-announcer, confessional, confident, conversational, corporate, friendly, hard-sell, homespun, real
    • Repair
      anti-announcer, attitude, biting, cool, deadpan, gritty
    • Newsreel
      animated, announcer, character, newscaster, nostalgic, oddball, professional, promo
    • Daybreak
    • Cartoon Truck
      cartoon, character, oddball
    • Immortals
      announcer, bravado, compelling, confident, Deep Voice, Gravitas, mature, middle-age, movie-trailer
    • Yard Boy
      nerd, wimp
    • Zostavax- Medical
      announcer, caring, informative, professional, technical
    • Beans
      character, folksy, foreign, humorous, imaging, narrative, oddball, retro, storyteller, superhero
    • Baked
      announcer, friendly, informative, retail
    • Laundry
      attitude, character, cocky, new-jersey, new-york
    • Friday the 13th
      attitude, biting, movie-trailer, ominous
    • Repair Bill
      announcer, friendly, genuine, guy-next-door
    • Political Demo
    • Paul K Showcase

    Morgan M.

    With a fresh twist on a classic-sounding voice, Morgan will grab the attention of audiences of all kinds!

    • Seaworld-Feels Amazing
      announcer, friendly, inspirational, millennial, perky, promo, retail, sincere, upbeat, warm
    • Be Good to Yourself
      anti-announcer, confident, friendly, genuine, mellow, promo, warm
    • Bourbon Barrels
      classy, cool, informative, narrative, raspy, real, storyteller
    • Voicemail
      conversational, genuine, girl-next-door, high-energy, millennial, promo, real
    • Goodwill
      anti-announcer, confident, friendly, promo, upbeat
    • Murder Mystery
      conversational, millennial, ominous, raspy, real, serious
    • Guitar Center
      conversational, cool, friendly, genuine, girl-next-door, millennial, sincere
    • Having a Plan
      cool, friendly, fuzzy, mellow, millennial, raspy, soft-spoken, warm
    • Spectrum Mobile
      anti-announcer, authoritative, confident, millennial, promo
    • Disney Sweepstakes
      conversational, genuine, girl-next-door, inspirational, sincere
    • Family Farm
      caring, compelling, genuine, inspirational, mellow, sincere
    • Dollar General-Spring Cleaning
      animated, announcer, character, friendly, genuine, humorous, promo, retail, sincere, upbeat, young adult
    • Magic is Here
      compelling, fuzzy, promo, real, sweet, warm
    • Springbuck
      animated, cartoon, character, high-energy, kooky, perky
    • Big Lots-Big Heroes
      announcer, caring, confident, conversational, retail
    • Elephant Insurance-Multi Car Discount
      announcer, caring, compelling, conversational, corporate, friendly, genuine, humorous, mother, real, sincere, thoughtful, warm
    • True Lux Light System
      compelling, conversational, informative, professional, sophisticated, technical, thoughtful
    • Bucket List
      character, friendly, genuine, girl-next-door, humorous, kooky, oddball, romantic, soccer mom
    • A Solid Career
      caring, compelling, conversational, genuine, informative, promo, thoughtful, upbeat
    • Addictive Ink
      compelling, cool, edgy, sexy
    • Way Beyond Laundry Day
      anti-announcer, girl-next-door, perky, upbeat
    • Bubbles
      cartoon, character, high-energy, humorous, oddball, perky, storyteller, sweet, young
    • Howl O Scream
      character, holiday, informative, ominous, promo
    • Dragon Mania Legends
      animated, attitude, bravado, confident, storyteller
    • ABC Song
      cartoon, character, singers, upbeat
    • Showcase Demo

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