Adrienne R.


Adrienne's vocal range goes from sultry and sexy to caring mom to the girl-next-door.   Her voice's natural warmth will bring complexity and depth to your script.

  • Unstoppable Moms
    bravado, caring, confident, friendly, genuine, Gravitas, informative, inspirational, middle-age, mother, motivational, sincere, sweet, thoughtful, upbeat, warm
  • Peace Of Mind
    caring, concerned, confident, conversational, friendly, genuine, informative, middle-age, midlife, mother, motivational, real, sincere, soft-spoken, storyteller, sweet, thoughtful, upbeat
  • The Next Generation Of Moisture
    announcer, caring, confident, conversational, cool, friendly, informative, mellow, motivational, perky, smooth, sophisticated, thoughtful, warm
  • Charter Triple Play
    attitude, bravado, character, confident, cool, hipster, impression, inspirational, motivational, pompous, sexy, sophisticated, upbeat, valley-girl, younger
  • Heart Attack
    anti-announcer, caring, compelling, concerned, gritty, informative, mother, nurse, ominous, real, serious, soft-spoken, thoughtful, warm
  • Hello Jackpot
    antagonistic, attitude, bravado, confident, cool, genuine, humorous, real, smooth, sophisticated
  • Flowers
    animated, announcer, folksy, friendly, high-energy, homespun, millennial, motivational, perky, retail, upbeat
  • One Touch
    confident, conversational, friendly, genuine, girl-next-door, high-energy, informative, inspirational, millennial, motivational, perky, real, retail, sincere, storyteller, upbeat, young, younger
  • Ralphie
    caring, conversational, friendly, genuine, girl-next-door, humorous, informative, real, sincere, soccer mom, storyteller, sweet, thoughtful
  • Dad
    caring, classy, concerned, confessional, conversational, folksy, friendly, genuine, girl-next-door, homespun, impression, inspirational, millennial, real, sincere, thoughtful, warm
  • Extra Creamy
    animated, character, confessional, humorous, real, sexy
  • After Dark
    attitude, confident, elitist, high-energy, informative, motivational, smooth, sophisticated, upbeat
  • Fast
    character, crazy, edgy, humorous, perky, real, upbeat
  • Dancing Is Easy
    anti-announcer, cool, elitist, motivational, raspy, romantic, sexy, smooth, sophisticated, young adult
  • Finger
    animated, attitude, character, humorous, informative, kooky, nerd, oddball, upbeat, young adult
  • Zip It
    antagonistic, anti-announcer, cocky, concerned, conversational, cool, generation-x, girl-next-door, homespun, humorous, informative, midlife, mother, motivational, sincere, soccer mom, upbeat
  • Political Showcase
    antagonistic, authoritative, biting, compelling, concerned, informative, narrative, ominous, political, real, serious
  • Skin
    caring, conversational, genuine, informative, motivational, narrative, nurse, perky, professional, real, serious, sincere, smooth, soft-spoken, upbeat, young adult
  • Expecting
    caring, concerned, conversational, genuine, informative, midlife, millennial, mobster, motivational, nurse, real, sincere, smooth, soft-spoken, sophisticated, sweet, upbeat, young adult
  • Adrienne L Showcase 0213.mp3

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