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    Tyriek B

    Tyriek can be the dude next door or crank up the energy on any project.

    • Summer Break Cafe
      anti-announcer, confident, friendly, genuine, promo, teenager, upbeat
    • Donate Blood
      anti-announcer, caring, compelling, genuine, Gravitas, mellow, serious, sincere, teenager
    • Math
      African American, attitude, bravado, character, conversational, kid-next-door, teenager
    • Creating Opportunity
      African American, anti-announcer, authoritative, confident, cool, sincere, teenager
    • Altamira Resort
      animated, announcer, high-energy, kooky, promo, teenager, upbeat
    • Showcase Demo

    Cam "Buzz" B.

    From the friendly voice kids love to hear, to the over-the-top sports announcer… and everything in between. Cam can do it all… really, he can!!!


    Christine P.

    A natural, distinctive, compelling voice with a great range of reads, let this award winning voice talent win you over with her expertise!

    • Political Demo 2016
      animated, announcer, attitude, authoritative, bravado, classy, compelling, concerned, conversational, Deep Voice, friendly, genuine, Gravitas, informative, political, serious, sincere, smooth, tough, upbeat, warm
    • Italian Commercial
      announcer, foreign, foreign-language, friendly, italian, upbeat
    • English Character Reel
      accented, accented English, animated, anti-announcer, cartoon, character, crazy, drill-sergeant, extreme, fuzzy, kooky, mature, middle-age, midlife, mother, nerd, newscaster, nurse, oddball, perky, sexy, soccer mom, sophisticated, storyteller, superhero
    • Marty
      character, cocky, confident, kid-next-door
    • Italian Narration
      accented, announcer, foreign, foreign-language, imaging, italian, neutral, professional, technical, worldly
    • Humorous Political
      accented, humorous, political, southern
    • E-Learning
      announcer, long form, professional, serious, technical
    • Documentary Narration Demo
      announcer, mellow, narrative
    • Christine P - Talent Showcase
      animated, announcer, anti-announcer, authoritative, caring, classy, confident, conversational, english-showcase, friendly, Gravitas, hard-sell, high-energy, imaging, mature, mother, professional, retail, sincere, smooth, sophisticated, sweet, thoughtful, upbeat, warm, worldly
    Foreign Language: 

    Ally W.

    If you're looking for a young, confident and energetic girl! You've found her! This voice can take on the world!

    • Fabulous Furniture Showrooms
      announcer, confident, high-energy, perky, retail, upbeat
    • Mom
      conversational, genuine, inspirational, motivational, real, sincere, thoughtful, young adult
    • Reading
      announcer, inspirational, storyteller, upbeat, young
    • Ahh College
      confident, cool, friendly, genuine, real, sincere, young adult
    • Women
      announcer, authoritative, compelling, confident, Gravitas, inspirational, motivational, serious
    • Education
      announcer, compelling, friendly, genuine, sincere, teenager, young
    • Perfect Day
      confident, conversational, cool, girl-next-door, kid-next-door, real, young
    • Dental Care
      announcer, confident, friendly, genuine, teenager, young adult
    • Ally W - Showcase Demo

    Ariana H.

    Her wonder and excitement will take you on an adventure.

    • Donating Plasma
      animated, anti-announcer, confident, cool, friendly, girl-next-door, millennial, perky, real, sincere, upbeat, young adult
    • For The Wanderers
      compelling, confident, Gravitas, inspirational, motivational, narrative, smooth, storyteller, thoughtful, warm, young adult
    • When Community Calls
      animated, anti-announcer, confident, conversational, cool, friendly, genuine, girl-next-door, millennial, real, sweet, upbeat, young adult
    • Fantasy Vacation Club
      announcer, confident, friendly, girl-next-door, perky, upbeat
    • Water
      announcer, antagonistic, compelling, concerned, conversational, genuine, Gravitas, inspirational, motivational, ominous, real, serious, sincere, soft-spoken, thoughtful
    • Holiday Shopping
      announcer, friendly, perky, upbeat
    • My Web Site
      animated, friendly, girl-next-door, humorous, kid-next-door, real, teenager, upbeat, young
    • Empowering Women
      anti-announcer, authoritative, confident, inspirational, motivational, sincere, smooth, soft-spoken, thoughtful, warm
    • Gift Card
      announcer, anti-announcer, friendly, genuine, holiday, sincere, warm
    • Character Reel - Ariana H.
      animated, character
    • Ariana H - Showcase

    Joshua N.

    An actor at heart, Joshua creates unforgettable characters and speaks with youthful authority.


    Katie K.

    Believable and informative without being pushy, her voice always maintains the perfect balance for anything to which she contributes.

    • Play-Doh
      animated, confident, cool, genuine, girl-next-door, informative, sweet
    • Less Sugar
      caring, confident, conversational, folksy, friendly, genuine, informative, middle-age, motivational, perky, upbeat
    • Take You Places
      compelling, concerned, hard-sell, informative, narrative, ominous, serious
    • Apple
      confident, conversational, folksy, friendly, informative, inspirational, sincere, soft-spoken, sweet, warm
    • The Weight You Lose
      caring, friendly, genuine, informative, professional
    • Get Skin
      confident, cool, friendly, informative, perky, sexy, sophisticated, upbeat
    • Fashion
      confident, cool, friendly, girl-next-door, hipster, young adult
    • Right Now
      announcer, authoritative, caring, concerned, confident, corporate, genuine, informative, political, real, serious, sincere
    • Relax
      classy, compelling, confident, cool, corporate, elitist, millennial, sophisticated
    • Poverty
      caring, compelling, concerned, genuine, long form
    • Can I Help You Officer
      cartoon, character, young adult
    • Dedicating An Enviroment
      caring, concerned, confident, conversational, corporate, professional
    • Apple Sauce
      animated, cartoon, character, crazy, grouchy, kid-next-door, kooky, young
    • Gentle Reminder
      character, grouchy, humorous, inspirational, oddball
    • Tookus
      compelling, confident, conversational, girl-next-door, high-energy, real, upbeat
    • Everetts Joint Center
      caring, compelling, concerned, confessional, confident, conversational, informative, professional
    • Finishing Sentences
      confident, conversational, friendly, humorous, middle-age, millennial, sweet
    • Bridal Sale
      announcer, confident, friendly, hard-sell, high-energy, millennial, perky, retail, upbeat
    • Old Dish
      character, concerned, humorous, middle-age, Midwest, perky, soccer mom
    • One Credit Card
      confident, conversational, cool, corporate, friendly, informative, perky, professional, soft-spoken, sophisticated, upbeat, warm
    • Katie K. - Political Demo
      compelling, concerned, confident, conversational, corporate, political
    • Katie K Showcase

    Caley R.

    From genuine and authentic girl next door to flirty, energetic and upbeat, to the young mom, Caley is a versatile actress and announcer.


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