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    Drew P.

    Friendly, trustworthy and genuine voice for all your high end Union Project needs

    • Degree Deoderant
      attitude, confident, cool, edgy, high-energy
    • Ipad Pro
      anti-announcer, conversational, corporate, friendly, genuine, guy-next-door, professional, storyteller, young adult
    • Nyquill
      anti-announcer, conversational, friendly, genuine, guy-next-door, neutral, real, sincere
    • AIG Auto Insurance
      anti-announcer, caring, conversational, guy-next-door
    • Avis Rental Car
      announcer, confident, corporate
    • Travel Booking
      accented English, animated, announcer, bravado, cartoon, character, cocky, confident, elitist, mature, pompous, stuffed-shirt, worldly
    • Showcase Demo - Drew P

    David M.

    He can go from seft sell to hard sell, exhibiting wonderful Scottish tones.


    Markus M.

    Markus ranges from tenor to deep alto. Warm and comforting, friendly and vibrant; with the easy ability to be intimidating, strong or menacing.

    • 1971
      caring, conversational, cool, corporate, foreign, foreign-language, german, guy-next-door, smooth, warm
    • The Meeting
      foreign, foreign-language, german
    • Childrens Book
      foreign, foreign-language, german
    • Fitness
      foreign, foreign-language, german
    • Showcase Demo English
      accented, accented English, caring, confessional, cool, corporate, foreign, guy-next-door, narrative, professional, promo, real, smooth
    • Showcase Demo German
      foreign, foreign-language
    Foreign Language: 

    Alonzo P.

    Alonzo's rich voice and warm delivery is just what you need for your message - caring and energetic!

    • How We Begin
      African American, compelling, confident, inspirational, motivational, narrative, nostalgic, smooth, soft-spoken, storyteller, warm
    • This Is Brisk
      African American, animated, authoritative, confident, cool, hard-sell, high-energy, upbeat
    • Holiday Scratchers
      African American, animated, announcer, cool, holiday, promo, retail, smooth, upbeat
    • Parents - Voice of Reason
      African American, conversational, cool, father, friendly, genuine, guy-next-door, smooth, soft-spoken, storyteller, upbeat
    • Purpose In Life
      African American, animated, attitude, authoritative, confident, cool, high-energy, motivational, retail, upbeat
    • Star Central Cable
      African American, animated, announcer, confident, promo, retail, upbeat
    • The Birth Of Your Child
      African American, caring, compelling, cool, genuine, homespun, narrative, smooth, storyteller, thoughtful, warm
    • Success Is Not Determined By Others
      African American, authoritative, confident, corporate, informative, motivational, professional, smooth
    • Alonzo P. - Showcase Demo

    Christopher P.

    You'll love Christopher's range - from cool guy-next-door to a high-energy in-your-face read. Book him for YOUR project!

    • Perfect Family Day On The Water
      anti-announcer, confident, conversational, cool, country, folksy, friendly, genuine, guy-next-door, homespun, mellow, millennial, narrative, real, storyteller, warm, young adult
    • If Life Were Perfect
      anti-announcer, attitude, confident, conversational, cool, friendly, genuine, guy-next-door, real, sincere, young adult
    • That Friend
      anti-announcer, conversational, cool, friendly, genuine, guy-next-door, millennial, narrative, nostalgic, real, sincere, storyteller, young adult
    • Groom
      anti-announcer, attitude, authoritative, confident, cool, guy-next-door, millennial, young adult
    • Presidents' Day Sale
      animated, announcer, confident, cool, hard-sell, high-energy, retail, upbeat, young adult
    • Fruit Tea Chillers
      animated, anti-announcer, attitude, confident, conversational, cool, guy-next-door, narrative, young adult
    • Computer Issues
      authoritative, confident, corporate, guy-next-door, millennial, neutral, professional, technical, young adult
    • Christopher P. - Showcase Demo

    Sam A.

    Smooth and deep with an ear catching tone

    Foreign Language: 

    Charles F.

    Your friendly guy next door.

    • Summer Vacation
      announcer, confident, friendly, hard-sell, high-energy, upbeat, young adult
    • Home Run
      authoritative, edgy, gravelly, informative, storyteller
    • Politics
      announcer, attitude, authoritative, biting, gritty, impression, informative, political, tough
    • Emergency Room
      anti-announcer, confessional, conversational, friendly, genuine, guy-next-door, real, sincere, storyteller
    • Valentines
      cocky, confident, cool, romantic, sexy
    • MTV
      announcer, friendly, guy-next-door, informative, promo
    • Charles F Showcase Demo

    Ken L.

    A friendly neighbor who is easy to talk to.

    • Travel
      compelling, inspirational, real, young adult
    • Heart
      announcer, caring, confident, sincere
    • 7Eleven
      announcer, attitude, confident, conversational, cool, guy-next-door, promo
    • Melting Pot
      classy, romantic, smooth
    • Holidays
      announcer, confident, conversational, friendly, guy-next-door, real, young adult
    • Heaven
      attitude, authoritative, biting, character, confident, edgy, friendly, fuzzy, sweet, tough, warm
    • Ken L Showcase Demo

    Dan SP.

    Energetic, and real. Dan adds a modern appeal and energy to just about anything.

    • Potential
      attitude, authoritative, bravado, cocky, cool, Gravitas, gritty, tough
    • IT Careers
      announcer, friendly, genuine, perky, retail, younger
    • Yet To Come
      informative, serious, sincere, thoughtful, warm
    • Greatest Number
      anti-announcer, friendly, genuine, informative, real, thoughtful
    • Dreamer
      caring, genuine, motivational, narrative, real, serious, sincere
    • History
    • Turn It Up
      announcer, attitude, authoritative, bravado, high-energy, imaging, promo, retail, upbeat
    • Dan Sp Showcase Demo

    George E.

    Looking for a VO talent with dynamics, George has you covered. Smooth and confidant reads with a professional down to earth feel.

    • Phone Company
      African American, announcer, Booming, confident, cool, friendly, professional
    • Summertime
      African American, anti-announcer, conversational, friendly, genuine, real
    • Credit Union
      African American, announcer, genuine, informative, professional
    • Spotless Sidewalks
      African American, confident, conversational, friendly, genuine, imaging
    • Soil
      African American, anti-announcer, character, conversational, friendly
    • George E Showcase Demo

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