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    Jon T.

    Strong and Contemplative, Jon's voice will give your spot that unique sound you've been looking for.

    • You Demand More
      attitude, authoritative, bravado, confident, cool, Deep Voice, edgy, gravelly, gritty, raspy, tough
    • Tour CA
      announcer, edgy, gravelly, gritty, informative, upbeat
    • Hospital Center
      authoritative, informative, mellow, neutral, professional, smooth, soft-spoken, thoughtful
    • Spoken Word
      compelling, confessional, conversational, guy-next-door, mature, middle-age, midlife, narrative, nostalgic, older, real, smooth, soft-spoken, warm
    • Electric Company
      conversational, guy-next-door, informative, real, smooth, warm
    • Amazing Power
      announcer, attitude, confident, conversational, cool, ominous, pompous, promo, retail, smooth
    • The Hand
      anti-announcer, compelling, conversational, informative, inspirational, motivational, soft-spoken, storyteller, technical, thoughtful, warm
    • The Perfect Weekend
      announcer, attitude, cocky, cool, Deep Voice, edgy, gravelly, gritty, guy-next-door, raspy, smooth
    • The Real Story
      concerned, confessional, confident, genuine, homespun, informative, inspirational, motivational, narrative, neutral, political
    • Basic Plugs
      antagonistic, anti-announcer, authoritative, biting, bravado, cocky, cool, corporate, deadpan, Deep Voice, edgy, extreme, high-energy, informative, motivational, ominous, tough
    • Jon T - Talent Showcase

    Brad G.

    Rich and deep natural pipes. Tough as James Earl. Warm as a teddy bear.

    • Biscuit Deal
      African American, announcer, Booming, Deep Voice, friendly
    • Hardware
      African American, announcer, conversational, friendly, retail, upbeat
    • Healthcare
      African American, announcer, caring, compelling, concerned, friendly, mellow, smooth, thoughtful, warm
    • Pilsner
      African, announcer, attitude, authoritative, Booming, Gravitas, tough
    • ACC Championship
      African American, announcer, Booming, Deep Voice, smooth
    • Air To Ground
      African American, announcer, authoritative, compelling, Deep Voice
    • Smooth Jazz
      African American, announcer, cool, Deep Voice, imaging, romantic
    • Basketball
      African American, announcer, Deep Voice, imaging, promo, upbeat
    • Innovations
      African American, announcer, confident, corporate, technical
    • Network ID
      African American, announcer, Booming, confident, Deep Voice, Gravitas, imaging, promo
    • Showcase Demo - Brad G
      Deep Voice

    Marco V.

    HIs recipe? Combine youthful energy and authority with melodic excellence, and he'll season the read to your taste.

    • Casino Detective
      animated, biting, character, cocky, cool, deadpan, foreign-language, mobster, spanish-dialect, spanish-showcase, tough
    • Foreclosure
      concerned, deadpan, father, foreign, foreign-language, real, serious, sincere, soft-spoken, spanish-dialect, spanish-showcase, thoughtful, warm
    • Navidad
      animated, announcer, foreign, foreign-language, genuine, hard-sell, holiday, middle-age, promo, retail, spanish-dialect, spanish-showcase, upbeat
    • Cable Network
      animated, announcer, foreign, foreign-language, hard-sell, high-energy, middle-age, midlife, perky, real, retail, spanish-dialect, spanish-showcase, upbeat
    • Tablet Technology
      animated, executive, foreign, foreign-language, friendly, genuine, informative, middle-age, midlife, retail, sophisticated, spanish-dialect, spanish-showcase, technical
    • Lottery
      animated, announcer, foreign, foreign-language, friendly, hard-sell, holiday, middle-age, midlife, retail, spanish-dialect, spanish-showcase
    • Restaurant
      announcer, cool, foreign, genuine, guy-next-door, mature, middle-age, midlife, retail, spanish-dialect
    • Tuition
      announcer, executive, father, friendly, genuine, guy-next-door, middle-age, midlife, retail, spanish-dialect
    • Primary Elections
      accented, confident, compelling, conversational, foreign-language, genuine, informative, neutral, political, professional, sophisticated
    • Spanish Showcase Demo - Marco V.
    Foreign Language: 

    Rob P.

    Rob's voice is smooth and warm. But he can also get crazy!

    • You've Seen the Others
      announcer, attitude, biting, Booming, bravado, compelling, Deep Voice, edgy, gravelly, Gravitas, gritty, tough
    • Wonderful Life
      announcer, caring, compelling, concerned, conversational, friendly, genuine, inspirational, mellow, thoughtful
    • Luxury Auto
      announcer, attitude, bravado, confident, Deep Voice, Gravitas
    • Priceless
      attitude, character, cool, deadpan, humorous, middle-age, real
    • Take the Train
      attitude, concerned, conversational, father, guy-next-door, mature, middle-age, older, real
    • Your Morning Coffee
      attitude, character, confessional, conversational, friendly, genuine, guy-next-door, homespun, middle-age, raspy, real, warm
    • My Mom's Soup
      caring, conversational, father, friendly, guy-next-door, real, soft-spoken, thoughtful
    • The Perfect Companion
      announcer, caring, compelling, concerned, confessional, conversational, friendly, genuine, inspirational, narrative, sincere, thoughtful, warm
    • The History of Ford
      announcer, classy, confident, corporate, informative, long form, middle-age, narrative, professional
    • Motor Oil
      attitude, authoritative, biting, bravado, confident, edgy, extreme, gravelly, Gravitas, gritty, tough
    • Rob P Showcase.mp3

    Peter P.

    From soft and warm to friendly retail to edgy attitude.

    • Casino Resort
      announcer, attitude, confident, cool, edgy, middle-age, promo, raspy, romantic, smooth
    • Passionately Crafted
      announcer, anti-announcer, attitude, authoritative, compelling, confident, cool, edgy, Gravitas, middle-age, raspy, retail, serious
    • Gods Gift
      caring, compelling, confident, inspirational, sincere, storyteller, thoughtful
    • Tron Evolution
      anti-announcer, attitude, authoritative, Booming, character, deadpan, Deep Voice, middle-age, movie-trailer, ominous, promo, raspy, serious, tough
    • Fuel
      announcer, compelling, raspy, retail
    • Kings X
      announcer, attitude, authoritative, Booming, confident, Deep Voice, imaging, middle-age, movie-trailer, promo, raspy, serious, tough
    • Health System
      announcer, caring, compelling, confident, friendly, inspirational, mellow, middle-age, raspy, soft-spoken, storyteller, thoughtful, warm
    • 17 Miracles
      announcer, authoritative, compelling, imaging, movie-trailer, thoughtful
    • Business Solutions
      announcer, confident, corporate, friendly, genuine, middle-age, raspy, retail
    • Wireless
      announcer, anti-announcer, bravado, confident, cool, friendly, humorous, middle-age, raspy, retail, upbeat
    • WOBR Rock Radio
      announcer, authoritative, edgy, imaging, middle-age, movie-trailer, promo, raspy
    • Political 2
      antagonistic, attitude, authoritative, confident, political, raspy
    • Political 1
      announcer, antagonistic, authoritative, middle-age, political
    • High End Retail
      announcer, attitude, compelling, confident, middle-age, retail, soft-spoken, thoughtful
    • Locker Room
      announcer, attitude, bravado, friendly, humorous, imaging, middle-age, movie-trailer, promo, raspy
    • PeterP Showcase
      announcer, anti-announcer, attitude, authoritative, Booming, bravado, caring, compelling, confident, cool, Deep Voice, edgy, friendly, guy-next-door, hard-sell, high-energy, humorous, imaging, informative, inspirational, mellow, middle-age, movie-trailer, raspy, retail, serious, sincere, soft-spoken, storyteller, thoughtful, tough, upbeat

    Carlos R.

    Carlos has a young fresh sounding read in both Spanish and English. His english read has almost no accent which makes him perfect for bilingual projects using the same voice talent.

    Foreign Language: 

    Brian M

    Brian is all about the Bass! This guy's tones will rattle the floorboards in any production. Sports? Nails it! Guy stuff? Boom! He even has a sensitive side if you need a gentle giant.

    • Dunkin Donuts
      Booming, Deep Voice, friendly, genuine, guy-next-door
    • Your Sports
      attitude, authoritative, Booming, confident, Deep Voice, edgy, guy-next-door, high-energy, sportscaster, upbeat
    • American Workers
      compelling, Deep Voice, guy-next-door, Morgan Freeman style, sincere, thoughtful
    • The real Thing
      attitude, confident, Deep Voice, guy-next-door
    • WIn A fight
      attitude, authoritative, Booming, coach, confident, Deep Voice
    • Just A Box
      caring, compelling, Deep Voice, friendly, genuine, real, sincere
    • Game Day
      attitude, authoritative, Booming, coach, confident, Deep Voice, guy-next-door, high-energy, tough
    • Cover New Ground
      announcer, Deep Voice, guy-next-door, informative
    • Most Popular Sport
      announcer, Booming, Deep Voice
    • Eye Care
      conversational, Deep Voice
    • Showcase Demo - Brian M

    Andy T.

    A versatile genuine British voice talent skilled in American, Australian, French, German, and Cockney accents.


    Rob V.

    Rob is a cool character, with a cast of cool characters. He rides both ends of the VU meter. He's smooth and cool on one end and totally losing his mind on the other.


    Doc C.

    Natural talent with a voice that fits in anywhere. Dramatic to conversational, urban to sophisticated.


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