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    John Dr.

    This world-class announcer adds importance to your message with a variety of styles.


    Jorge I.

    Energetic, youthful, real person  -A Spanish voice that everyone can relate to! He also reads in English!

    • Commercial Reel - Spanish
      announcer, anti-announcer, authoritative, character, confident, conversational, cool, foreign, foreign-language, friendly, genuine, guy-next-door, high-energy, millennial, professional, promo, real, spanish-showcase, thoughtful, upbeat, warm
    • Narration - Spanish
      authoritative, confident, foreign, foreign-language, long form, narrative, professional, serious, sophisticated, spanish-showcase, thoughtful, Straight Forward
    • Commercial Reel - Bilingual
      accented, accented English, announcer, anti-announcer, authoritative, confident, conversational, english-showcase, friendly, genuine, high-energy, millennial, professional, promo, real, upbeat
    • Promos - Spanish
      announcer, foreign, foreign-language, hard-sell, high-energy, ominous, professional, promo, spanish-showcase, upbeat
    • Chicano Music
      accented, accented English, authoritative, cool, genuine, inspirational, long form, mellow, millennial, narrative, real, sincere, thoughtful
    • Political Reel
      political, spanish-showcase
    • Showcase Demo
      animated, announcer, anti-announcer, attitude, bravado, cartoon, character, cocky, confident, corporate, foreign, foreign-language, friendly, high-energy, promo, spanish-showcase, upbeat
    Foreign Language: 

    Alanna L

    Young, fresh, informative sound.


    Mark A

    Mark is a zero to one hundred kind of guy - he can go from the guy next door to the hardest hitting promo ever!


    Vita C.


    Confident and sultry with a smooth timbre that is very reassuring.

    • Rolex
      announcer, attitude, authoritative, classy, compelling, confident, corporate, executive, inspirational, motivational, professional, sophisticated
    • Mercedes Benz
      accented English, announcer, classy, confident, corporate, executive, Gravitas, serious, sophisticated, thoughtful, worldly
    • Kibble
      announcer, caring, compelling, concerned, conversational, friendly, genuine, girl-next-door, mother, sincere, soccer mom, thoughtful, warm
    • The Cove
      announcer, classy, compelling, confident, conversational, cool, elitist, executive, nostalgic, romantic, warm
    • Tik Tik Boom
      announcer, Booming, classy, confident, high-energy, inspirational, motivational, movie-trailer, promo, retail, upbeat
    • Valspar
      announcer, authoritative, confident, conversational, friendly, genuine, girl-next-door, informative, inspirational, motivational, promo, real, retail, upbeat
    • Fort Lee Homebase Credit Union
      announcer, compelling, confident, conversational, corporate, genuine, Gravitas, informative, inspirational, motivational, sophisticated, thoughtful
    • GE
      corporate, executive, informative, long form, mature, middle-age, raspy
    • Lexus ES 300
      raspy, smooth
    • Jet Blue
    • Baptist Health
      friendly, warm
    • Bailey's Creamer
      mellow, smooth
    • SeaWorld
    • Political Reel
    • Trak It
      accented English, british, informative, long form, technical
    • Armstrong Wood Haven
    • Here's the Treasure Map
      cartoon, character
    • Worldly European Accent
      animated, character, foreign, middle-age, raspy, worldly
    • Secret Agent
      authoritative, british, character, mature
    • Gatlinburg
      mature, southern
    • Why, Mr. Beauregard!
      cartoon, character, extreme, southern
    • My Mother
      character, jewish
    • Showcase Demo-Vita C
      announcer, english-showcase

    Jay La.

    Jay's deeply rich, mature voice is smooth urban.

    • Sales Playbook
      African American, anti-announcer, confident, conversational
    • Hammerin' Hank
      African American, friendly, genuine, narrative, storyteller
    • Downtown General
      African American, character, conversational, real
    • Audium
      African American, announcer, cool, Deep Voice, promo, retail
    • Quick Serve
      African American, attitude, character, cocky, gritty, promo
    • Steak Burgers
      African American, Deep Voice, mellow, promo, smooth
    • Insurance
      African American, authoritative, corporate, sincere
    • Sisko's
      African American, kooky, promo, upbeat
    • Used Cars
      anti-announcer, biting, character, gritty, new-jersey
    • Country Boy
      African American, character, country, folksy, genuine, homespun
    • Tailgate
      African American, friendly, guy-next-door, promo
    • Jamaica
      African American, cool, jamaican, mellow
    • Busy Busy
      African American, animated, upbeat
    • Men in Black
      African American, attitude, character, crazy, humorous
    • Show and Tell
      African American, caring, fuzzy, guy-next-door, mature, midlife, storyteller, thoughtful, warm
    • Political Demo
      english-showcase, political
    • Showcase Demo

    Greg B.

    From dynamic reads with a gritty edge to warm and caring narrations with that deep tone, Greg has a wide range and can deliver what you need.

    • Kia
      announcer, friendly
    • Blue Moon
      announcer, compelling, Gravitas
    • Claritin
      announcer, authoritative, caring, compelling, confident, friendly, inspirational, warm
    • Oscar Meyer
      announcer, authoritative, compelling, friendly, professional
    • Fabreeze
      announcer, attitude, classy, compelling, confessional, confident, Gravitas, storyteller
    • Honda
      announcer, authoritative, caring, compelling, confident, conversational, folksy, friendly, inspirational
    • Goldfish Crackers
      announcer, caring, father, folksy, friendly, guy-next-door, Midwest
    • Political Reel
      english-showcase, political
    • Showcase Demo

    Duke M.

    Duke has those super DEEP tones that will make your spot sing.

    • Airline
      announcer, authoritative, Booming, classy, confident, Deep Voice, gravelly, Gravitas, gritty, mature, middle-age, midlife
    • Audi
      announcer, authoritative, Booming, bravado, confident, cool, Deep Voice, edgy, gravelly, Gravitas, mature, middle-age, movie-trailer, tough
    • Auto Dealerships
      announcer, attitude, authoritative, biting, Booming, gravelly, gritty, hard-sell, promo, tough
    • Advanced Hospitals
      caring, Deep Voice, friendly, mature, middle-age, midlife, warm
    • Big and Rich
      announcer, attitude, confident, Deep Voice, edgy, gravelly, Gravitas, gritty, hard-sell, mature, middle-age, midlife, promo
    • Golden Corral
      announcer, authoritative, cool, country, Deep Voice, folksy, friendly, genuine, gravelly, Gravitas, gritty, warm
    • Political Reel
      english-showcase, political
    • Sharpie
      announcer, Booming, bravado, cocky, cool, Deep Voice, edgy, gravelly, Gravitas, gritty, mature, middle-age, midlife, tough
    • Showcase Demo

    Riconda F.

    Believable everywoman with mid-range sound and urban flavor.


    Onalysa F.

    Smooth, rich texture with great range.

    • Sunsational
      announcer, friendly, perky, sincere, upbeat
    • Cold Stone
      announcer, conversational, mellow, raspy, romantic, sexy, smooth, storyteller, sweet, thoughtful, warm
    • Nicest Place
      African American, anti-announcer, caring, conversational, friendly, genuine, sincere, sweet, thoughtful, warm
    • Popeyes
      announcer, humorous, upbeat
    • Blue Cross
      announcer, caring, concerned, conversational, friendly, genuine, girl-next-door, inspirational, mellow, motivational, sincere, smooth, thoughtful, warm
    • Brooklyn Ladies
      announcer, fuzzy, genuine, informative, inspirational, motivational, sincere, storyteller, thoughtful, warm
    • 7-11
      accented, African American, character, cool
    • Child Care
      African American, anti-announcer, caring, friendly, mother, nurse, sincere, sweet, thoughtful, warm
    • Onalysa F - Political Demo
    • Onalysa F - Showcase Demo

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