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    Markus M.

    Markus ranges from tenor to deep alto. Warm and comforting, friendly and vibrant; with the easy ability to be intimidating, strong or menacing.

    • 1971
      caring, conversational, cool, corporate, foreign, foreign-language, german, guy-next-door, smooth, warm
    • The Meeting
      foreign, foreign-language, german
    • Childrens Book
      foreign, foreign-language, german
    • Fitness
      foreign, foreign-language, german
    • Showcase Demo English
      accented, accented English, caring, confessional, cool, corporate, foreign, guy-next-door, narrative, professional, promo, real, smooth
    • Showcase Demo German
      foreign, foreign-language
    Foreign Language: 

    Ilja R.

    From confidant and authoritative to friendly and compelling tones; Ilja boasts both German and Spanish Foreign language's to compliment your next project.

    Foreign Language: 

    Ondina F.

    Crisp, clear and professional. Ondina is a seasoned pro.

    Foreign Language: 

    Helene C.

    Classy, elegant, warm, sultry, from a "woman next door" read to a zany animated character or announcer, great with French Accent, fluent French, English and Spanish, Helene has it. Her smooth delivery translates well in many styles.

    Foreign Language: 
    Castilian Spanish
    French Canadian

    Nikki T.

    If you're looking for a crisp, sweet, smooth mid-ranged voice in either English, Australian or British, you've found it! This versatile talent can do it all without breaking a sweat.

    • Australian Commercial Reel
      accented English, announcer, anti-announcer, australian, character, conversational, friendly, upbeat, worldly, young, young adult
    • English Commercial Reel
      accented, accented English, animated, announcer, anti-announcer, attitude, authoritative, british, compelling, confident, conversational, cool, deadpan, english-showcase, edgy, friendly, girl-next-door, hipster, holiday, humorous, informative, mellow, midlife, millennial, narrative, neutral, nostalgic, oddball, perky, promo, raspy, real, retail, serious, sexy, sincere, sophisticated, sweet, thoughtful, upbeat, warm, young, younger
    • Animation Reel
      accented, accented English, animated, antagonistic, anti-announcer, authoritative, cartoon, character, classy, cocky, concerned, confessional, conversational, crazy, elitist, executive, extreme, foreign, fortuneteller, game-show-host, german, girl-next-door, Gravitas, grouchy, high-energy, humorous, impression, irish, kooky, movie-trailer, nerd, nurse, older, perky, pompous, romantic, sexy, sweet, tough, upbeat, worldly, young, younger, young adult
    • Narration Reel
      accented, accented English, announcer, australian, british, conversational, friendly, genuine, Gravitas, hipster, imaging, informative, long form, millennial, narrative, promo, teenager, upbeat, warm, worldly, young, younger, young adult
    • Nikki T - Talent Showcase
    Foreign Language: 

    Eric W.

    Great, everyman sound, versatile - cuts through the clutter.


    Client Comments:

    "Eric is a superb talent, and it was really a pleasure working with him again."

    "Nice doing business with folks like you, Eric and Jessica whose talent and professionalism helps us take things to a higher level."


    Gigi Y.


    Gigi has a warm, rich tone that runs the gamut from mid-range to deeper, with just the right amount of "rasp" to make your project unique!

    • Scheels - She Runs
      anti-announcer, cool, gravelly, inspirational, mellow, motivational, narrative, raspy, smooth, soft-spoken, sophisticated, storyteller, thoughtful, warm, worldly
    • McDonald's
      animated, announcer, confident, gravelly, promo, raspy, retail, smooth, upbeat
    • Political Demo
      announcer, authoritative, compelling, concerned, confident, gravelly, Gravitas, informative, inspirational, narrative, ominous, political, raspy, serious, sincere, smooth, soft-spoken, sophisticated, storyteller, thoughtful, tough, warm
    • Fresh Express
      animated, anti-announcer, confident, cool, folksy, friendly, gravelly, informative, inspirational, perky, raspy, retail, smooth, upbeat
    • Comfort Keepers
      anti-announcer, caring, compelling, concerned, confident, conversational, folksy, friendly, fuzzy, homespun, inspirational, mellow, motivational, narrative, sincere, smooth, storyteller, thoughtful, warm
    • Angie's List - Dentist
      anti-announcer, caring, confident, conversational, cool, friendly, genuine, homespun, informative, middle-age, mother, narrative, raspy, sincere, storyteller, warm
    • PODS
      animated, anti-announcer, attitude, authoritative, classy, confident, cool, informative, narrative, perky, promo, raspy, retail, smooth, storyteller, upbeat
    • Aeons Ago
      accented English, classy, compelling, Deep Voice, fortuneteller, gravelly, Gravitas, mature, motivational, narrative, ominous, raspy, serious, smooth, sophisticated, storyteller
    • There Is Life Here
      anti-announcer, caring, classy, compelling, confident, cool, gravelly, inspirational, mellow, motivational, narrative, raspy, soft-spoken, sophisticated, storyteller, thoughtful, warm
    • Keeping Active
      anti-announcer, caring, confident, conversational, friendly, genuine, motivational, real, sincere, smooth, upbeat, warm
    • My Credit Union
      anti-announcer, caring, confident, cool, friendly, homespun, informative, mellow, motivational, narrative, raspy, sincere, smooth, thoughtful, warm
    • Dasani
      anti-announcer, classy, compelling, cool, deadpan, inspirational, jazzy, mellow, motivational, narrative, raspy, romantic, sexy, smooth, soft-spoken, sophisticated, thoughtful, warm, worldly
    • Happy Animal Jungle
      animated, confident, cool, hard-sell, high-energy, perky, retail, upbeat, younger
    • PilotsNPaws
      anti-announcer, authoritative, caring, compelling, concerned, friendly, fuzzy, genuine, gravelly, informative, inspirational, motivational, narrative, real, serious, sincere, smooth, soft-spoken, thoughtful, warm
    • Lightkeeper Pro
      animated, announcer, confident, cool, friendly, high-energy, holiday, perky, raspy, retail, upbeat
    • Holy Name Hospital
      announcer, caring, compelling, corporate, friendly, genuine, informative, mellow, motivational, professional, sincere, smooth, warm
    • Gerber
      announcer, authoritative, friendly, informative, narrative, professional, smooth, warm
    • Resort at Seabrook Island
      anti-announcer, cool, jazzy, mellow, narrative, raspy, smooth, soft-spoken, storyteller, thoughtful
    • In the heart of every person....
      caring, compelling, concerned, confident, inspirational, motivational, narrative, serious, sincere, storyteller, thoughtful, warm
    • I Know What You're Thinking...
      animated, antagonistic, anti-announcer, attitude, confident, cool, edgy, upbeat
    • Pennsylvania Tourism
      anti-announcer, conversational, cool, folksy, friendly, genuine, homespun, narrative, raspy, sincere, smooth, storyteller
    • I Can't See You
      anti-announcer, caring, concerned, confessional, gravelly, mellow, raspy, romantic, sexy, thoughtful
    • Farmer's Fresh
      announcer, confident, friendly, genuine, narrative, promo, retail, smooth, upbeat
    • Exploit the Weather
      announcer, authoritative, compelling, confident, executive, informative, long form, narrative, newscaster, professional, serious, technical
    • Gigi Y
    • The Gift Studio
      accented English, animated, cartoon, character, holiday, humorous, irish
    • Dupont Standox
      accented English, announcer, authoritative, german, informative, narrative, professional, technical
    • Santyl
      announcer, authoritative, confident, corporate, executive, gravelly, informative, narrative, professional, raspy, smooth, technical
    • Shakers & Movers
      animated, anti-announcer, confident, friendly, perky, retail, smooth, upbeat
    • Gigi Y. - Showcase Demo

    Andy T.

    A versatile genuine British voice talent skilled in American, Australian, French, German, and Cockney accents.


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