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    Aviana B

    Aviana's got great energy but can also make you feel right at home.

    • ECPI
      African American, announcer, confident, high-energy, promo, upbeat
    • Signature Medical
      anti-announcer, caring, friendly, genuine, mother, promo
    • Nature's Way
      anti-announcer, folksy, friendly, mellow, promo, warm
    • The Mood
      African American, cool, promo, raspy, sexy
    • FAFSA
      African American, confident, genuine, promo, real
    • Water
      anti-announcer, authoritative, promo, raspy
    • Showcase Demo

    Andrea G

    Andrea's got a down-to-earth tone that you can just wrap yourself up in.


    Charvis A.

    An everyman with some weight to his voice that makes your copy sound both approachable and authoritative.

    • Open Window
      African American, caring, classy, friendly, genuine, motivational, real, sincere
    • New Game
      anti-announcer, biting, bravado, cocky, high-energy, real, tough, upbeat
    • Inspired
      announcer, caring, cool, informative, motivational, smooth, soft-spoken, warm
    • The Turtle
      African American, attitude, biting, character, gritty, humorous, retail, upbeat
    • Political Demo
      African American, political
    • Charvis A. - Showcase Demo

    Eric J.

    A deep, warm and comforting voice.

    • Fall
      African American, compelling, Deep Voice, friendly, impression, storyteller, warm
    • MetLife
      authoritative, caring, concerned, conversational, Deep Voice, genuine, grandfather, gravelly, midlife, older, real, sincere, thoughtful
    • Mobile Mover
      corporate, informative
    • Cancer
      anti-announcer, conversational, friendly, genuine, inspirational, middle-age, midlife, real, sincere, storyteller, thoughtful, warm
    • Unlimited
      announcer, bravado, caring, informative, middle-age, midlife, promo
    • Champions
      authoritative, compelling, confident, father, friendly, Gravitas, inspirational, motivational, preacher, professional, real
    • Mayor
      African American, authoritative, biting, concerned, Gravitas, political, serious, tough
    • US Postal Service
      announcer, middle-age, midlife, promo
    • Eric J Showcase Demo

    Crystal S.

    Crystal's voice is soulful and textured and can bring real humanity to any script.

    • Spark
      authoritative, compelling, Gravitas, raspy, serious
    • Better Pet Food
      anti-announcer, confident, genuine, promo, raspy, upbeat
    • Furniture
      announcer, confident, friendly, promo, retail
    • Easy Fit
      African American, anti-announcer, cocky, genuine, motivational, promo, retail
    • Children's Futures
      African American, concerned, genuine, Gravitas, ominous, raspy, real, serious, thoughtful
    • Showcase Demo

    Soraya B.

    Talk about range, Soraya delivers! Serious, passionate political advocate. Upbeat, friendly retail. Cool, unpretentious, upscale. Friendly young mom next door.

    • Political Demo - Soraya B
      African American, announcer, anti-announcer, attitude, compelling, concerned, conversational, friendly, informative, inspirational, political, young adult, Straight Forward
    • Commercial Demo - Soraya B
      African American, animated, announcer, anti-announcer, attitude, caring, confident, conversational, cool, friendly, genuine, inspirational, mother, real, retail, serious, thoughtful, tough, young adult, Straight Forward

    Tyriek B

    Tyriek can be the dude next door or crank up the energy on any project.

    • Summer Break Cafe
      anti-announcer, confident, friendly, genuine, promo, teenager, upbeat
    • Donate Blood
      anti-announcer, caring, compelling, genuine, Gravitas, mellow, serious, sincere, teenager
    • Math
      African American, attitude, bravado, character, conversational, kid-next-door, teenager
    • Creating Opportunity
      African American, anti-announcer, authoritative, confident, cool, sincere, teenager
    • Altamira Resort
      animated, announcer, high-energy, kooky, promo, teenager, upbeat
    • Showcase Demo

    Onalysa F.

    Smooth, rich texture with great range.

    • Sunsational
      announcer, friendly, perky, sincere, upbeat
    • Cold Stone
      announcer, conversational, mellow, raspy, romantic, sexy, smooth, storyteller, sweet, thoughtful, warm
    • Nicest Place
      African American, anti-announcer, caring, conversational, friendly, genuine, sincere, sweet, thoughtful, warm
    • Popeyes
      announcer, humorous, upbeat
    • Blue Cross
      announcer, caring, concerned, conversational, friendly, genuine, girl-next-door, inspirational, mellow, motivational, sincere, smooth, thoughtful, warm
    • Brooklyn Ladies
      announcer, fuzzy, genuine, informative, inspirational, motivational, sincere, storyteller, thoughtful, warm
    • 7-11
      accented, African American, character, cool
    • Child Care
      African American, anti-announcer, caring, friendly, mother, nurse, sincere, sweet, thoughtful, warm
    • Onalysa F - Political Demo
    • Onalysa F - Showcase Demo

    Brian Do

    Brian's ability to go from smooth, to high energy, and beyond will amaze you!

    • Warriors
      authoritative, Booming, compelling, Gravitas, tough, young adult
    • High Speed
      animated, announcer, friendly, retail, upbeat, young adult
    • Smooth Jazz
      announcer, Gravitas, promo, romantic, smooth, young adult
    • Busy Life
      animated, announcer, confident, friendly, retail, upbeat, young adult
    • Cookies
      announcer, character, compelling, confident, Deep Voice, romantic, young adult
    • BrianDo Showcase
      African American, attitude, compelling, cool, friendly, promo, retail, smooth, thoughtful, upbeat, younger

    Malique H.

    Cool young voice to bring energy to your spots!

    • Beyblade
      announcer, attitude, cool, high-energy, promo
    • Truth
      African American, compelling, impression, inspirational, motivational, young adult
    • Heroes
      anti-announcer, caring, conversational, genuine, sincere, thoughtful, warm
    • Airport
      announcer, confident, friendly, informative, millennial, promo, upbeat
    • Metro
      announcer, conversational, guy-next-door, informative, promo, upbeat
    • Malique H Showcase Demo

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