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So... You Wanna Be a Voiceover Talent?

If American Idol has taught us anything it's that America is frighteningly untalented. Yet amidst all the coal there are diamonds. Perhaps you are one of those diamonds. If you think you can do it better than (or almost as well as) the folks on our talent roster submit your demo below.

If we like what we hear, we'll bring you in for an audition OR we'll sign you the same day.

We are no longer accepting paper applications. You could send your super-cool, expensive, bulky demo package to our mailing address, but BE WARNED, your application will definitely become a coaster because we'll be busy signing all those head-of-the-line web applicants!

Save money, Save fuel, Save paper. Apply online!

Good Luck!

Voiceover Talent Application:

We receive many questions about becoming a Studio Center voiceover talent. We've created this form to speed up the process. Please read and complete the application below. It can answer many questions you may have.

Let's start with valid contact information. All your efforts will be for naught if we can't contact you!


Contact Information
Were you referred to us? If so, by whom?
Eligibilty for Non-Union and Union Productions:
We work with companies that need voiceover talents for both non-union and union (SAG/AFTRA) productions. Which of the following describes your eligibility to work on both non-union and union productions?
Proximity & Availability:
We are looking for experienced, voiceover talent who live within a 45 minute daily commuting distance of our studios. We also consider Union talent as well as foreign language talent that have an ISDN enabled recording studio in their home. Please select the response which best applies to your situation:
Talent Auditions occur during standard business hours at each of our locations (Monday-Friday, 8am - 5pm). Can you offer daytime, weekday availability if you are needed? We offer our clients 24/7 availability. Night and weekend sessions are rare but they do happen. Are you able to work on a night or weekend project if necessary?


  • This is an Acting profession.
  • We are looking for talents with talent!
  • Applicants with performance experience in Television Broadcast, Radio, Theater, Acting, and Public Speaking are preferred.

You've got experience? Prove It!

  • You must include a Voiceover Demo for consideration.
    • Upload one or two MP3 Files (How do I make an MP3 file?)
      • Limit files to 1 minute long
      • Commercial Reads First!
      • Only include your very best Characters or Impressions at the end.
    • By Popular Demand we have added a second upload field for talents who have separate commercial and character demos.

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